Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ham & Hotdog Pizza

Yes.  Pizza is every kids favourite food.
Ling's daughter loves Hawaiian pizza but she would peel off the pineapple and guess where would the pineapple goes to? Yes, either to Ling's or my mouth.
Ling thought is so expensive to order from Pizza Hut and other home delivery pizza companies, why not a homemade pizza.  This way, she could control what goes into the pizza and saves on the cost as well.
Well, here it is ~~~  Ling's version of homemade ham and hotdog pizza with mozzarella cheese.
Hmmm yum yum. Her princess was over the moon when she found out what was for lunch today :)



  1. Hi may I have the receipe

  2. Hi Anna, sorry for the late reply.
    We use the ready pizza crust and topped with ham & mozzarella cheese.


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