Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mid Autumn Festival ~ 中秋节

No homemade mooncake for this Mid-Autumn Festival.  Bought several mooncakes from local & overseas and some were gifts from friends.

My god-daughter was out to school camp, We (Ling, her 3yo son  & I) were down at the park carrying lantern.  Oopss.... a recycle lantern for little J.

These were various mooncakes we had this year :
 Snowskin Durian - Vegetarian
Single Yolk Lotus Paste - Vegetarian
Shangri-la Philippines - Red Bean & Lotus Paste
 Bengawan Solo - Lotus Paste with Melon Seed
Tupperware - Single Yolk Lotus Paste
Hilton Singapore - Single Yolk Lotus Paste
My dearest mother knew that I missed the traditional mooncake 公仔饼, she brought it over from Penang. Thank you mummy! :)

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