Friday, November 18, 2011

Black Forest Cake 黑森林蛋糕

Is the baker, Ling drunk again, baking the Black Forest Cake?  Remember what's the cake named after?
Ling's definitely NOT drunk, our good friend, Diana's hubby loves to eat this cake.  Ling baked an additional so that our family members could taste it too.
Her princess couldn't wait to get her hands on the cake but was advised to wait a little longer as the cake needs to be chilled first.   The home tutor came right on time when we are about to cut the cake, she likes this cake too.
Ling filled the cakes with pitted dark sweet cherries, looks extremely delicious!
The 7inch cake was cut into 9 pieces, Ling and I had only managed to taste a small portion of it.  The rest was devoured by her princess :) 
Most of us dislike the sweetened cherries, so we decorated with the colourful milk chocolate lentils.

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