Friday, November 25, 2011

Festive Cookies

Another year is wrapping up soon with the last few public holidays ~ Christmas & Boxing Day.
Shops, hotels, departmental stores have had their Christmas decorations ready for the exciting celebration.  Trust some of you have already unpacked the Christmas decorations for home.
As for us, we are ready to assist in your Christmas gifts while visiting friends, gifts for church functions during this festive season.
Choice of cookies are namely, butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip almond cookies, peppermint cookies, cornflakes cookies and orange cornflakes.
Christmas Tree butter cookies is among the popular requests.  The butter cookies (melt in  mouth) and chocolate chip almonds are among the best sellers
Butter Cookies (melt in mouth)
Christmas Tree Butter / Peppermint Cookies
Chocolate Chip Almond Cookies
Cornflakes / Orange Cornflakes Cookies
Christmas Wrapping ideal as gifts, door gifts @ church functions,
house warming during Christmas
Ideal gift for family and friends


  1. They look absolutely gorgeous! Very enticing for the children.


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