Friday, October 28, 2011

Lemon Butter Cake 柠檬奶油蛋糕

Linda had an idea to give a 'gift box' cake to our good friend, Sharon who are celebrating her 40th birthday coming November.
Linda decided to request Ling to bake one for her.
Ling baked a lemon butter cake and decorated with white fondant, fondant pressed flowers and colourful droplets.  

An early birthday celebration for Sharon today, we had dinner over at Ma Maison Restaurant and followed by Karaoke at K Suites.
We surprised Sharon by presenting the homemade 'gift box' cake to her right before the end of the Karaoke session.  
Sharon was happy and loves her 'gift box' cake very much.  Linda & Katherine had tasted and commented good and Sharon brought a small portion home for her prince and princess.

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