Thursday, October 20, 2011

Butter Cookies 牛油曲奇饼

Ling's out of town to attend our friend's wedding.  Didn't bring along the kids as the elder one is preparing for her year end school exam.
My god daughter misses Ling very much, no mood to do almost everything (eat, play, watching TV, playing games, etc). 
Decided to bake some cookies (oopssss ~~~ me baking the cookies hehehe ~~~!) to cheer her up.  She was happily prepared and worked on the recipe of the cutout butter cookies which I promised her earlier.
We were not satisfied with the 1st bake (over baked though we follow the instructions).  Thank God, she still could joke about it :  " eehh, we added cocoa powder into it?! (knowing her mood wasn't "sunny")
As she has to attend a tuition class, I decided to prepare for another round of dough which some should be ready by then her class ends.  She helped to mold some reminding dough, made a little dice using the last bit of dough. 
She's alright after dinner and chat with Ling.
Overall, she likes the cookies (especially the Minnie Mouse) and we managed to take some photos.  

Little J specially requested to mold these cutie bears for him, he ate quite a lot of the cookies.

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