Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pandan Chiffon Cake 班蘭薄綢蛋糕

There are few requests this week, I was out to replenish some baking supplies @ Phoon Huat.   Ling was baking a pandan chiffon cake when I was out to the shop.
Guess what'd when I was back home??!!
No pandan smell and not even a piece of chiffon cake found at the kitchen! 
The cake was "stored" in these few people's tummy ~~~ Ling's mother-in-law, her two lovely kids and a friend, D who came over for exam revision with Ling's daughter.
Ling managed to grab one to taste...
She prepared for another round of bake and finally I had the chance to taste the soft and moist pandan chiffon cake!  Yyuuuuppppeeee! 

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