Friday, December 30, 2011

Lunar New Year Goodies 农历新年曲奇餅

Time flies, is gonna be less than a month for those who are celebration Chinese New Year.  A brand new year to welcome longevity, wealth and prosperity.  

We believe most of us are busy preparing for spring cleaning,  getting new clothing and even stock up new year goodies to welcome this Water Dragon year!

Same goes here, we are introducing some homemade goodies to ease your 'headache', ready for your invited relatives and guests who are visiting you during this Spring Festival.

A new Almond Cookies is specially 'designed' for this Chinese New Year.
(This is a mock-up, colours of wordings and flowers may vary)

Auspicious Almond Cookies 吉祥杏仁饼干 
Selections of Butter Cookies ~ melt-in-mouth Cornflakes CookiesChocolate Chip Almond CookiesPineapple Tarts are also available.  

Keep in touch with us on various packaging which are ideal as handsel to relatives and friends!

 Butter Cookies ~ Melt-in-Mouth  牛油饼干

 Chocolate Chip Almond Cookies 巧克力杏仁饼干

Cornflakes Cookies 玉米片饼干

Pineapple Tarts 凤梨酥

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