Monday, September 13, 2010

Egg Mayonnaise & Fruits

Time flies 时间不饶人!  Another Monday morning ~~~ After the long weekend, a fresher day to start with a simple egg mayonnaise with veggies, mini sandwiches with butter spread and some fruits.
This is my 7th day at work and managed to make this charaben.
It's no exception a busy Monday to move on for the rest of the week, lots of documents to be sorted out and I was home late again! (Missed the yummy pumpkin soup that Ling prepared today)
It's been awhile I have not worked longer hours for a 5day week, but simply enjoying this new environment.


  1. this is so inviting and healthy! i want!;)

  2. What a healthy bento! Full of treats :)
    I have the same bento box too and I love them! It is a bit too big for my boys so I reserved it for myself :D

  3. AP : Tks. This is d 2nd pc I bought from Daiso. 1st one was broken b4 I used it :(


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