Friday, August 27, 2010

A Fruitful Day back to school on Friday

While I was browsing through Tona's blog 3wks ago, I learnt that Shannon's Blog has various charaben bento lovers' blog links.  I have only managed to join in week 11 & 13 so far.
I was cracking my head what to submit for Hapabento B.O.M.B for August entry ~ "Back To School".
My god-daughter has yet requested bento for school past weeks.  She loves the fruit tarts that her mom baked last evening. 
She'd a lousy day after school yesterday (lots of homework to be completed), so I thought of making a "fruitful morning" the next day.  I packed the fruits tarts, small mandarin orange, her favourite apple flavour Yakult and some "fish" shape biscuit for her  to bring to school.   She said to me "I'm sure, today I will have a "fruitful" school day!" and she left for her lessons early in the morning. 
Unfortunately, I was late for the submission :(

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