Thursday, August 5, 2010

Animal's Buns

Ling's mom made some sardine bun's someday ago. Everyone was raving about it.
So today, we tried out with various fillings (sausage, chesse, red bean paste, tuna, etc)
Ling added little details on the buns for the kids ~ Little piggy, mouse, bear & chicks. Our good friend, Diana made the chocolate dough into "rugby"!

The verdict? Everyone loves the cute buns but the dough is a bit hard.
Probably becoz we put in too much fillings (greedy!!!) and too little dough. Some of our mouse even "pooped" (too much filling) while we baked them.
We will keep that in mind, more dough & less filling the next time we bake.
At one glance, these buns look like Penang famous Tau Sa Piah.

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