Friday, August 27, 2010

Salad & Fruit

After sending my god-daughter to school this morning, I decided to prepare a very simple salad for breakfast with the leftover red capsicum, Japanese cucumber, carrots, red cabbage and sweet corns. 

Today, I used one new 'nori puncher' which Ling bought from Cake DIY, Hong Kong during her recent trip.  They are unlike other nori/craft punchers, didnt give a complete cut as mentioned by Karen.  I tried using the "crispy" seaweed, somehow it turned out "ok" with little 'hiccups'.


  1. Love the nice colour of this bento, and the cute little face!

  2. Thank you. Tot I shd hv used a better contrast of bento box instead :)

  3. This is darling, I love how pretty & colorful all your stuff is, almost too pretty to eat!

  4. Thank you Shannon for yr compliment and also the "weekly link", allowed me to know more people. (still on??)
    Lately resume @ work, long hours, tired, therefore, no "thinking cells" to fix up charaben for myself! LOL ~~~ I love your charaben very much too...


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