Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Konnyaku こんにゃく

Been craving for Konnyaku past weeks and after the "nightmare" just now, I have decided to enlighten my day by making konnyaku as "Dessert of the Day".
Bought the Konnyaku Jelly Powder from neighbourhood mini-mart (there're different brands of konnyaku power, this was recommended by a friend) and used the various bento dishes trays instead of konnyaku moulds. Added some golden kiwi and canned fruits.

A little friend of us likes to eat this dessert, especially these various animals moulds of Konnyaku attracted her attention most. Will add "colours" on my next round.

p/s: more photos can be viewed at


  1. This look so refreshing & tempting! Ok, going to make one soon! :)


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